Introduction To WordPress

Installing ThemesWordPress started in 2003 just a blogging system and quickly the most popular blogging system in use on the Web.  Today it is far more than just a blogging system.  Individuals, small business and major corporations use it as their main website.  You too can Use WP for free.

Companies like Best Buy, E Bay, Ford and Forbes.  Actually there are 74,652,825 sites out there are depending on good ol’ WordPress.

The site you are on right now is a free WordPress site. If you are new to Internet Marketing or a seasoned online marketer and want to know more about I recommend I have a number of videos you will find helpful.

02 WP Official Sites. The Pros & Cons of each

If you really want to earn a stable online income, I strongly recommend that you use For this option, you will need your own Domain Name and a hosting Account.  Here is a link you can get a hosting account and  many other tools you will absolutely need at the lowest price possible.  Plus this site gives you the opportunity to start earning income right away.  All In One Profits.

03 Logging On To WordPress

04 Download WordPress

05 WordPress Dashboard

06 WP Admin Toolbar

07 WordPress Settings

08 Pages & Posts In WordPress

09 How To Put Links In Your Post

10 Inserting Images In Your Post

11. WordPress Media Library

12 Formatting Posts

13 Scheduling Posts

14 Categories and Tags

15 WordPress Pages

16. WordPress Page Templates

17. WordPress Plugins

18. Installing WP Plugins

19.  WP Themes

20. Customizing Appearance

21. Installing Themes

22. Custom Menu


24. Users



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