The Future of Article Marketing

PC_MonitorAs stated, article marketing is here to stay. It is a stable method of marketing that simply is not going away, no matter what changes may occur in the online world. Because article marketing is here to stay, it is something that will benefit you today and in the future.

The article marketing that you do today will still be benefiting you ten years from now. Article marketing is viral, and it’s a virus that can’t be killed. You see, when you take the time to write and distribute an article, other people, such as web publishers, bloggers, and ezine publishers, will use your articles on their websites, in their newsletters, and on their blogs.

People who read their websites, blogs, and newsletters will also use your articles on their websites, newsletters, and blogs, as will their visitors. The process just keeps going and going, for as long as the information in your article remains relevant to the current trends or the information does not change. Believe it or not, methods may change, information, however, rarely changes.

While many of the new article repositories may not be around in the future, there are those that have been around since the first article repository made it’s appearance. The longevity of an article repository depends on how well it is promoted, and how long the person who owns the article repository decides to stay in business.

When you submit to one of these article banks, your article will remain on that site for as long as that site exists. But even if the site doesn’t exist ten years from now, you still benefit from the article that you submitted there when it did exist – because other people visit, read your article, and use it elsewhere.

Even with the abundance of information on the Internet, and the information overload that exists, people still need and use articles – and people still read them every day. While personal computers are in millions of homes, each day, more and more people purchase their first computers and surf the Internet – looking for information about their interests, problems that they are experiencing, or things that they want to learn.

They find the information that they are seeking on websites, blogs, and in newsletters – all of which are publishing articles. The key to article marketing is to find your niche and to hone in on it. Often, people don’t pay attention when submitting articles.

For instance, an article that fits into the weight loss niche really has no place in an article repository that was set up solely for web design articles. While many repositories accept articles in a large variety of topics – some only accept articles that relate to a specific topic. Usually, the people who are submitting articles to the wrong directories are also the people who are writing sales letters, calling them articles, and then using automated software to distribute those sales letters.

As in the past, marketing methods will come and go. It’s getting harder to send email. It’s getting harder to get listed in the search engines. It’s getting harder to use Pay-Per-Click search engines. The rules are constantly changing – and they change so incredibly fast that most marketers can’t keep up with all of it.

But article marketing will remain. The changing rules that affect other methods of marketing will not affect article marketing, for the most part. There may come a time when it is no longer safe to email ezine publishers – but even if that happens, another method for getting your articles in the right hands will come along to replace that method.

Some people wonder about the influx of article writers, and what part that will play on the effectiveness of article marketing. For the most part, it won’t have any impact at all. You see, because we now have the Internet, and we live in a global society, we still crave information – and even with information overload, we still can’t seem to get enough!

We are a species that is capable of thought – intelligent thought – and therefore, we understand the importance of hearing or reading varying viewpoints on different topics. We thrive on it. Few people read articles within a specific niche that are written by just one author – we want to hear what other experts say as well – just as we get second opinions for medical diagnosis, and often third and fourth opinions as well.

This is why the influx of people who are using article marketing for their businesses won’t hurt the effectiveness of article marketing. As long as there are people in the world, information will be needed…even if it is information that has been published time and time again.

Again, article marketing may change – but it will only change in ways that make it better. There may be gimmicks that come and go that are designed to make article marketing better, faster, or easier – but anyway you look at it, what works today will work tomorrow where article marketing is concerned, and for all intents and purposes, the results that people see from article marketing will also remain just as they are today – and just as they were in the past.

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