What is article marketing?

johnIf you have started an online business, the first goal you want to achieve is to become popular.  Once you get the popularity you desire, you can rely on a tremendous amount of traffic to your site, which will bring you more sales.  A few years ago, article marketing was one of the best and most effective way to let people know who you are.

Basically, article marketing is the practice of submitting key-word-focused articles to directories and sites which then syndicate your content..  This is an important website promotion tool, since many of these syndication directories have a considerable readership following.  And since most article syndication sites are free, you do not have to spend a significant amount of money to become popular.

Once published, your articles become available for everyone to see, and even reuse.  If they have valuable content and are written properly, the articles posted on syndication sites become “link bait” for other websites.  For instance, let’s say you have a home business that sells vintage clothing.

If you or your professional content writer, writes an article about how to purchase vintage clothing online, others who may want to post a blog entry about this topic may link toy your article, thus getting you increased exposure for your writing and subject matter.  This is all the more likely if the site where the blog comment is posted gets a lot more traffic than yours.

Additionally, some article syndication sites allow authors to include HTML links in their articles.  As such, you can link your keyword phrase to a page on your website which you are promoting  – a highly search engine optimization technique.  Other directories may not allow you to do that, but they will have nothing against putting a link in your Author’s resource Box, which contributes to adding important one-way backlinks to your site.

Article marketing and syndication websites also allow users to include your article on their sites, on certain conditions.  Typically, the conditions are that you are cited as the author and the links in the article are retained.  As you can imagine, this brings this brings even more opportunities to increase your site traffic and get the word out about your web page.

So you can write your own articles, or even have an article ghostwritten for you, for fairly cheap.  Therefore, article marketing is a very cost effective method, yet very powerful to promote the website for your home business.

Let’s assume you found a product on Clickbank about cats.  You know that just promoting your Clickbank affiliate webpage is not nearly as effective as having your own website or blog post.  If your readers appreciate the information on your website or blog they are more likely to buy your clickbank product from your link.  The following video is about getting article ideas about Siamese Cats.

This video will help you write an article on any topic you choose:

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